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Beacon Line Array Demo Program
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Dave and Busters® (D&B), a large chain restaurant & entertainment center, found itself in need of 1 audio solution for various audio needs: a portable sound system for ongoing DJ tournaments, amplification of pro-sports games in their sports bar annex, and a sound system to be used for announcements during flag football tournaments. The audio buyer for D&B worked with AVI-SPL to look into a few different options to satisfy those audio requirements. AVI-SPL is one of the largest AV integrators in North America and offers all types of AV services. Sales Associate Justin Blanton knew he had to find something portable, ideally battery powered and easy to use. He presented one particular solution that stood apart from the rest: the Anchor Audio Beacon Line Array®. Justin went to Anchor Audio because of their longstanding reputation for intelligible, reliable and simple to use portable sound systems. Unlike any other on the market, the Beacon is a full-featured sound system that projects sound through a six-foot array of speakers, which can fold into the size of a suitcase for easy transport on its built-in wheel and handle system. Using the Anchor Audio Demo Program, Justin was able to demonstrate and lend a few Beacon units to D&B to allow them to test the systems in their different settings. The products were quickly manufactured at Anchor Audio’s headquarters in Carlsbad, California, and shipped to Justin for his product showcase to D&B. Finding the right solution, and allowing D&B to test the units, resulted in over 60 Beacon Line Array sound systems sold to D&B through AVI-SPL. The solution was that simple and successful! For any client or any situation needing audio solutions, contact Anchor Audio, and we will personally help you to find the best portable sound system. Contact Anchor Audio today! 800.262.4671