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Computer Comforts, Inc.

Computer Comforts, Inc.[CCI] designs & manufactures furniture for a wide variety of computer environments. We specialize in Student Tables and Instructor Workstations (Lecterns/Podiums) for the electronic classroom. Lecterns come in a variety of sizes, and can be customized to accommodate projects. Many of our Instructor Workstations are "wheelchair friendly" and include 19" rackmount capability.

Model: Integrator Lectern

The versatile Integrator Lectern allows IT staff to utilize their own specially-sized independent rack frame or the Computer Comforts provided rack frame.
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As Classrooms Evolve, Look to the Experts for a Smooth Transition
Posted on Thursday, September 5, 2019

As campus classrooms quickly evolve from traditional fixed seating and tablet arm chairs to flex-labs and collaborative models, the role of a Space Planner has become more important and challenging. CCI offers more than 32 years of space planning expertise for FREE. Let us be an extension of your Facilities Department.

What happened to the good old days, when you didn’t need a college degree to figure out how many tables fit into a classroom? Thanks to a combination of new technology and a wide variety of teaching methods, this process is now a little more difficult. To make matters more challenging, faculty are demanding MORE flexibility within their learning spaces. For example, on Monday they may want to give a traditional lecture, followed by small group collaboration on Wednesday. On Friday, the same room needs to function as a computer lab. In addition, most campuses operate under tight budgets with limited real estate. This also forces the college to create environments for a wide variety of uses.

Since 1987, Computer Comforts has been helping colleges create these multi-purpose spaces. During this time we have lived thru the “evolution of the classroom” together. Some of our best product ideas have come from brainstorming with YOU! The CCI team are experts at helping with classroom layout and design. Simply send us some rough room dimensions and we will quickly provide a floor plan which takes into consideration proper aisle spacing and ADA requirements. The examples below shows what our customers will send us and what we will send back.

For larger projects, we can offer computer generated renderings.

The Hide-Away table is a great example of our multi-purpose solutions. Designed and patented in 2002, this multi-use computer table continues to be our biggest seller. Originally designed for a customer at San Diego State who didn’t have the space for a dedicated computer lab. Since then, the CSU system has purchased thousands of these tables over the past 18 years, adding more every semester. I was told “by making our classrooms multi-purpose, we can delay new construction which will save us millions.” Other products designed for double-duty include the AdapTable, Plexi-Testing Carrel and CAD/Drafting table.