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Magenta Research and NEC Expand Partnership with Introduction of MultiView™ NEC Display Card-Slot UTP Receiver at the 2009 Digital Signage Expo
Posted on Monday, February 23, 2009

Magenta Research and NEC Expand Partnership
with Introduction of MultiView™ NEC Display Card-Slot
UTP Receiver at the 2009 Digital Signage Expo

New Milford, CT, February 23, 2009 – NEC Display Solutions and Magenta Research, the recognized leader in video/audio/serial signal distribution and switching over Cat5/CatX cable, are utilizing the 2009 Digital Signage Expo to unveil a brand new MultiView card-slot UTP receiver.

The MultiView NEC600-SAP is the most sophisticated UTP receiver engineered by Magenta and is designed to fit in the expansion slot of select NEC commercial displays. When combined with a MultiView -SAP transmitter, the NEC600-SAP receiver enables 1920x1200 resolution video at 600 feet (183 meters), along with stereo audio and addressable duplex serial, all over a single UTP cable.

“NEC and Magenta have outstanding reputations for quality in the digital signage and commercial AV markets,” stated Magenta’s Vice President Bob Michaels. “Being able to combine the two products ensures the ultimate in uptime and signal replication.”

Product features include a standard UTP pass through, enabling up to 12 MultiView receivers to be daisy-chained together. The NEC600-SAP’s addressable duplex serial enables two-way communication with any receiver/display, even in a daisy-chain configuration.

When paired with Magenta’s MultiView Octet-SAP 1x8 Digital Signage Transmitter, video, stereo audio and addressable duplex serial signals can be distributed from a single source to over 450 displays. The NEC600-SAP is also fully compatible with Magenta’s new Mondo Matrix III-SAP matrix switch. The Mondo III-SAP is assembled in a modular fashion, in increments of 16 inputs/outputs, from 16x16 to 256x512.

The NEC600-SAP also features Magenta’s AkuComp™ II skew compensation technology, enabling units to function flawlessly with a wide variety of cable types. Magenta’s EQ technology is included as well, allowing receivers to be finely tuned in order to compensate for cable distance. Both skew and EQ adjustments are done using a single knob, with colored LEDs indicating—at a glance—what mode the knob is in.

“NEC Display Solutions is pleased to add Magenta Research to the list of exceptional companies that have developed electronics for the expansion slot technology in our various large-format LCD displays,” said Mike Zmuda, Director of Business Development at NEC Display Solutions.  “Partnering with other leaders in the industry allows us to provide the highest level of flexibility and innovation to our customers

Compatible NEC products for use with the MultiView NEC600-SAP include all MultiSync® 20 Series and M Series displays.

The NEC600-SAP will be on display at the 2009 Digital Signage Expo in Magenta’s booth (#2410) and in NEC’s (#1613). The exposition takes place at the Las Vegas Convention Center from February 24-26.