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Only AMX for Bankwest

Bankwest required diverse spaces and room types that include multipurpose video-conferencing rooms; a fully integrated executive boardroom with video-conferencing; presentation rooms; and training rooms. In addition, six interlinked rooms with centralized control can either be used as one large training space or modularly transformed into any size multipurpose room or several smaller rooms. Singular or multiple projection systems are available within Bankwest's flexible AV environment.

To move AV throughout this complex space, a top-notch system was needed, which is why Bankwest relied on AMX. All switching is accomplished via an AMX Enova DGX 16x16 Digital Media Switcher. Control of the system is provided via an AMX NetLinx Integrated Controller and AMX 7-inch Modero Touch Panels. To save space, each floor is controlled via a centralized AMX NetLinx Integrated Controller, eliminating the need for a local AV rack at each individual presentation location. To manage the 140 AV spaces across Bankwest's 14 floors, AMX Resource Management Suite Enterprise Software provides Rutledge AV's onsite support staff with the tools to do the job.