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Recently, the TSB name reappeared in the UK after 18 years of dormancy, replacing 600 Lloyds bank branches across the country and becoming its first new high street bank in seven decades. By using AMX solutions for the control and management of its own assets, TSB attains optimum operating efficiency at its headquarters and is well positioned for the future. To achieve this, TSB deployed a robust system capable of distributing multiple sources of analog and digital AV over long distances throughout the building.

TSB harnessed the power of AMX Enova DGX 16 Digital Media Switchers, together with a range of AMX DXLink HDMI Transmitters and Receivers, for simplified distance transport of TSB's HDMI with HDCP signals. This award-winning system extends the boundaries of modular matrix switching with an integrated AMX NetLinx Controller and embedded Ethernet switch, so TSB can monitor and control sources and display devices in nine boardrooms plus two centrally located signage screens, all from a single point of control. Stylish AMX 7-inch Modero X Series Tabletop Touch Panels are located both inside and outside each of the nine main meeting rooms and outside 19 additional rooms, making room booking for this large bank completely intuitive.