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American Fidelity Assurance is an American private, family-owned life and health

insurance company. It provides voluntary supplemental health insurance products and

tax deferred annuities. Over the last few years, American Fidelity has been renovating

its headquarters in Oklahoma City as a technology center.



American Fidelity has meeting rooms on every floor. They use a Crestron meeting

scheduler with the touch panel controller mounted on the wall outside each of the

meeting rooms. The IT/help desk support department is located on a floor with an

open concept design with multiple collaboration areas. Each collaboration area is

comprised of 10-14 tables, white boards and curtains for privacy. A small white board

outside each area is used for scheduling the space. Employees must walk around the

floor to each meeting space to find one that is available.

The IT department wanted to find a way to use the company’s online meeting room

scheduler, since the whiteboard system was not efficient. American Fidelity discussed

the challenge with Taurus Technologies, their audio-visual integrator for the company’s

technology needs.



Taurus Technologies implemented the company’s Crestron meeting scheduler in other

areas of the building. Since the IT department’s collaboration areas did not have

walls in which to mount the Creston panel, they realized that a custom solution was

required. Chris Evans, National Sales Manager for Taurus, called AVTEQ Inc. to discuss

the project.

“AVTEQ is our go-to partner for any custom project,” stated Chris Evans. “I’ve worked

with AVTEQ for over six years, and they consistently provide the best quality and service

for our custom projects.”


AVTEQ provided recommendations and drawings for a custom kiosk to mount the

Creston panel. Within two weeks of the initial request, AVTEQ had an approved design

for a custom product that met the following specifications:

• Floor stand to mount the Crestron touch panel

• ADA compliant allowing access for all employees

• Slim design to to support the Crestron panel

• American Fidelity logo


• AVTEQ Custom Kiosk

• Crestron TSS-752 7” Room Scheduling Touch Screen



American Fidelity ordered five kiosks, one for each of the collaboration areas in the

IT department. The look and feel of the kiosks blended nicely with the areas and

improved functionality of scheduling the spaces.


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