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EBS Meets Heightened Demand for Educational Streaming with AJA HELO

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EBS Meets Heightened Demand for Educational Streaming with AJA HELO
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EBS Meets Heightened Demand for Educational Streaming with AJA HELO
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As schools worldwide have temporarily closed campuses in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for distance learning programming across media channels has exploded. In Korea, the local Educational Broadcasting System (EBS), responsible for delivering informative and educational content to the public, has quickly transformed into the new digital classroom, accelerating the output of its instructional programming video for K-12 students across the region. The organization is making its content accessible to local children daily from 9am-12pm on the EBS Learning YouTube Channel to give students the tools they need to remain engaged, inspired and educated until public schooling resumes. Each live stream is powered by an AJA HELO H.264 streaming and recording device. 

Affiliated with the Korean Broadcasting System (KBS), EBS runs two terrestrial and four cable stations using four large studios and 16 e-learning studios. It’s used AJA HELOs to support YouTube streaming since 2019, so when the time came to upgrade its facility in early 2020, EBS’ positive experience with the unit prompted it to invest in additional HELOs. Having benefited from the device’s reliability and high-quality video, EBS expanded its HELO integration to ten of its e-learning studios to support live streaming to its website and YouTube. In each studio sits a SONY PMW-EX3 camera with a wireless micro mux connected to an AJA HELO, which is used to quickly and easily stream live camera feeds to YouTube. 

“We’ve been using AJA HELO since 2019 and it’s been really helpful for our broadcasting with its excellent features and quality. As EBS is a public service broadcasting station, we have to be fully dedicated to produce high quality programs and we must always pay the utmost attention in selecting the device and equipment,” shared Mr. Suk Joong Kim, head engineer, EBS. “This time, we could adopt HELO again for our facility renovation without any hesitation as HELO is the most reliable product for us. We installed ten additional HELO units in our new e-learning studios. For the time being, EBS will strive to cover the deficiency of the school education system raised by the COVID19, by collaborating with the main domestic portals and IPTVs. Henceforth, EBS will continue to dedicate itself to the development of public education and support lifelong education in Korea.”