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Like most modern sports franchises, the Jacksonville Jaguars face a challenge. With all the logistical headaches a stadium can bring, today’s fans are reluctant to brave the crowds when they can get a similar viewing experience at home. Consumers that are met with an efficient and exciting stadium experience will become fans for life, but getting these people out to the Jaguars’ home field of TIAA Bank Field, formerly Everbank Field, in the first place is difficult. Sports teams need to remind fans that even the nicest TV can’t replicate the real thing, and to appeal to the younger generations of fans most torn by this dilemma, teams need to upgrade their stadiums to align with the expectations of an increasingly digital demographic. The Jaguars recognized in 2016 that the best way to do so was by integrating state-of-the-art technology that complemented the live game experience while also facilitating safe and efficient movement throughout the concourse.


For all the enjoyment a fan gets from seeing the Jaguars score a touchdown, there are an infinite number of smaller moments that factor into their experience as well. For Jaguars fans at TIAA Bank Field, this includes things like waiting in line, watching replays, navigating the concourse, and interacting with other fans. The Jaguars recognized in 2016 that the best way to optimize these experiences was by integrating immersive display technology that reflects the digital environment younger fans have grown up in. The first phase of this endeavor involved the install of six LED displays in the stadium’s US Assure Clubs but after this was completed successfully in the late summer of 2016, the team still felt they needed more. The Jaguars refocused their efforts towards the Lycamobile South End Market (LSEM), a hub for fan activity that lacked a centralizing digital feature. This part of the stadium contains concession areas, lively bars, and a team pro shop, but it presented unique challenges because of its open air architecture. Any display technology integrated into the space would need to be lightweight enough to suspend above crowds, bright enough to capture fans’ attention amidst constant distractions, and durable enough to survive the harsh rains and 140 mph winds of the Jacksonville region.


The Jaguars knew that the key to engaging new generations of fans was through digital technology integration. Football stadiums are filled with distractions but the team hoped to cut through the crowds with display technology to directly influence fans’ experiences. For the 2016 US Assure Clubs, the Jaguars turned to a large-format LED manufacturer known for the versatility, brightness, and durability of their displays: NanoLumens. After impressing the Jaguars with the six displays they integrated into the Clubs, NanoLumens stayed on board for the next phase of the project as well. While the bustling environment of the LSEM presented an opportunity to reach more fans than the US Assure Clubs, it also posed a greater challenge. The team decided that rather than embedding displays into walls, it would be smarter to suspend displays from the ceiling above passing foot traffic. This way fans could see content amidst busy crowds without having to turn their heads and risk bumping into others. The displays were also weatherproofed and outfitted with a narrow pixel pitch narrow to capture every detail of gameplay footage.


Heading into the 2018 season, fans attending Jaguars games will now be met with a stadium experience that matches the excitement and dynamism of the team on the field thanks to the three-sided display feature installed in the LSEM. The installation hangs from the ceiling above bustling crowds and showcases Jaguars highlights on three 11-foot by 6.3-foot displays, each facing a different direction to give fans everywhere access to the action. With two highly successful installations completed together, the Jaguars and NanoLumens hope to continue their partnership moving forward. Season ticket holders were thrilled with the 2016 display installations in the US Assure Clubs, and fans will be even more excited by this second phase of the project. To hear NanoLumens Regional Sales Manager Arch Nelson tell it, “[t]his has been a great partnership between our two teams. When the Jaguars have a vision for fan experience in different areas of the stadium, they put their trust in NanoLumens design and manufacturing expertise to pull it off. The Jaguars are one of the most advanced and sophisticated technology customers that we serve, and we will continue to help them realize their technological vision as it progresses.”


Phase 1 of the project in 2016 included six ENGAGE Series displays across both the East and West US Assure Clubs, each measuring 11’ by 6’, as well as a display in each lower club area measuring 19’ by 11’. All six displays have a 2.5mm pixel pitch. Phase 2 of the project in 2017, the three-sided display, contains three separate NanoLumens ENGAGE Series displays, each measuring 11’ by 6.3’ and utilizing a 2.5mm pixel pitch. The setup hangs from the ceiling in the concession and fan experience area near the south end zone of the stadium.