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Red Bull Bangkok Optimizes Meeting Productivity with Lightware's TAURUS UCX

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Red Bull Bangkok Optimizes Meeting Productivity with Lightware's TAURUS UCX
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Red Bull Bangkok Optimizes Meeting Productivity with Lightware's TAURUS UCX
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The head office of Red Bull, in Thailand refreshed its meeting rooms’ technology to place TAURUS UCX universal switcher to benefit from the USB-C connectivity across its workspace.

At the end of 2022, Atkrist Co., Ltd., the AV consultant of T.C. Pharmaceutical Industries Co., Ltd. (Red Bull, Thailand), approached several AV System integrators including Crossroads Corporation Co., Ltd. for bidding to provide an AV system in TCP’s head office building 1. Crossroads Corporation Co., Ltd won the project initially based on the consultant’s design.

After the project started, the customer decided to add Lenovo’s ThinkSmart Hub Gen 2 for Microsoft Teams Rooms to every meeting space in the building. They also wanted BYOD functionality to provide connectivity for laptops as well as Barco’s Clickshare technology to enable wireless conferencing. That said, the customer via the consultant approached Crossroads Corporation for assistance in developing a meeting room solution that would provide seamless connectivity with minimum user involvement.

Previously, Red Bull’s employees struggled with laptops that would not connect, cables that would miss out, and just would not work. Their overall meeting experience was rather discouraging and unproductive. Red Bull needed a simple plug-and-play reliable solution for their Zoom and Teams hybrid meetings. Having a rather poor experience in the past, the customer was about to refuse from the latest technology gains for the sake of something simple but reliable.

Developing projects that ideally fit customers’ needs is a part of Crossroads’ credo. They offered a solution that ensured a seamless user experience and unbeatable functionality based on the USB-C technology provided by Lightware Visual Engineering.

With Lightware’s TAURUS UCX-4x2-HC30 switcher placed in 5 meeting rooms accommodating 10 people each, the customer received USB-C empowered seamless connectivity, instantaneous host switching, the use of room peripherals, charging, and control abilities. In fact, it was particularly with Lightware’s technology, that the integrator had introduced the functionality of the room peripherals, such as video bars and ceiling microphones into the advanced meeting room spaces of Red Bull’s office. Initially, the customer was ready to sacrifice functionality for the sake of secured usability.

Crossroads provided seamless integration of Lightware’s switcher with Lenovo’s ThinkSmart Hub and, through TAURUS UCX’s open API, with Barco’s ClickShare to leverage the benefits of the USB-C connectivity across meeting spaces of Red Bull’s headquarters. With Lightware, the solution secures instantaneous host-switching and the use of in-room peripherals, which are essential functionality for hybrid meetings. With their meeting rooms refreshed, Red Bull’s employees stay confident that their BYOD laptops, whatever brands they are, will connect, either via HDMI or USB-C interface on TAURUS and they will have seamless access to room cameras and microphones.

These 5 meeting rooms were constructed with an electricity supply automated by time relays installed in each room. As soon as the electricity is on in the morning, the Lenovo device automatically sets on enabling meetings’ launch without any user involvement. TAURUS UCX identifies either Lenovo or BYOD-device on its input side and turns the peripherals on.

As one of the leaders of the global economy, T.C. Pharmaceutical Industries Co., Ltd provides world-leading solutions for their team. With TAURUS UCX, its employees are able to enhance their personal meeting efficiency, stay engaged, and contribute to corporate productivity. Red Bull employees were quick to appreciate the benefits that Lightware’s TAURUS UCX had brought into their workplace. For Crossroads, their satisfaction is essential and most rewarding.

Currently, the integrator is developing new projects for Red Bull, engaging Lightware’s uncompromised technology. This time, based on the recent successful debut with TAURUS UCX, Mr. Chanan Koonlaboon, Managing Director of Crossroads, plans to leverage the full array of features of Lightware’s universal switcher, which in particular, apart from the best in the industry USB-C connectivity, also include room control and automation, enabled by its firmware Lightware Advanced Room Automation (LARA), as well as remote monitoring, batch-upgrading, and many more.

Mr. Koonlaboon enjoyed the cooperative approach of Lightware in the first project for Red Bull and is confidently planning the continuation of this partnership.