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Atlona® Products on Display at InfoComm 2013
Posted on Tuesday, June 4, 2013
Atlona® HDVS Extender/Scaler Family: AT-HDVS-RX and AT-HDVS-TX-WP 
Bridging the gap from VGA to HDMI®, the Atlona® HDVS extender/scaler products are designed to smooth the transition from analog to digital sources in school and corporate applications. While some systems use HDMI computers or document cameras, there are still numerous VGA computers in use today. The HDVS extender/scaler products are designed to support both analog and digital sources. 
The components can function as a complete system, offering switching, scaling, and control within simpler systems, while for larger and more complex applications such as videoconference and telepresence facilities, the components enable both HDMI and VGA/analog audio input to larger switchers. The HDVS receiver also scales an HDBaseT™ input to an HDMI output to guarantee compatibility and features balanced audio de-embedding for simpler connections to sound mixers. Atlona HDBaseT matrix switchers complement and complete HDVS system setups. 
Atlona® Matrix Switchers
Atlona® PRO3HD HDBaseT™ Matrix Switcher Family: AT-PRO3HD66M and AT-PRO3HD44M 
Atlona’s new PRO3HD HDMI® input matrix switchers use HDBaseT™ technology to extend HDMI outputs up to 230 feet (70m). By using Power over Category cable (PoCc), compatible remote receivers no longer require a separate power supply, further simplifying installations. Both models also offer full control of connected devices via serial RS-232 or IR remote control without any additional cables. 
The switchers can also be controlled via TCP/IP, RS-232, and front panel displays. S/PDIF outputs allow audio distribution to zone amplifiers, while the 6x6 model offers two HDMI mirrored outputs to support local monitors and distribution amplifiers. A USB port is also included to simplify firmware updates from the field. 
Atlona® H2H HDMI® Matrix Switcher Family: AT-H2H-88M and AT-H2H-44M
Atlona’s family of HDMI® to HDMI matrix switchers offers advanced EDID management, audio de-embedding, multiple control interfaces, a firmware port for field updates, and more. To accommodate larger AV installations, the AT-H2H-88M supports up to eight outputs while the AT-H2H-44M supports distribution to four outputs.
Atlona® Distribution Amplifiers
Atlona® HDCAT Distribution Amplifier Family: AT-HDCAT-8ED, AT-HDCAT-8, AT-HDCAT-4
All distribution amplifier models feature two auto-switched HDMI® inputs and an HDMI output for cascading or local monitoring. For commercial applications, the amplifiers’ balanced analog audio outputs with captive-screw terminals enable more secure connections. The HDCAT category also offers EDID management for monitor compatibility, a USB firmware update port, and PoCc compatibility to eliminate the need for separate power supplies from receivers.
The new Atlona® AT-HDCAT-8ED extends eight outputs up to 328 feet (100m) over a single category cable — enabling the ability to send single sources to multiple displays. 
The AT-HDCAT-8 and the AT-HDCAT-4 distribution amplifiers deliver eight and four signals respectively up to 230 feet (70m) using HDBaseT™ technology, offering exceptional performance and value to the user. 
Atlona® HDBaseT Extender Family
The RSNET family enables distances up to 328 feet (100m), advanced control, locking HDMI® ports, USB firmware-update ports, support for resolutions up to UltraHD (4Kx2K), and CEC pass-through capabilities. Convenient captive-screw terminations for control and power also help to reduce wire bundles for cleaner racks, more efficient mounting, and more reliable connections. Users can select between a traditional box or wall-plate format. Extenders with DVI connectors are also available. 
The ROADNET™ models feature rugged locking etherCON®, HDBaseT™, and power connectors, which are ideal for rental and staging, houses of worship, and meeting space installations. Atlona’s HDBaseT ROADNET transmitters and receivers are also engineered especially for heavy-usage applications that need rugged reliability over long distances. ROADNET uses PoCc and advanced HDBaseT technology to extend signals and power to 328 feet (100 meters) over a single category cable — eliminating the need for power from transmitters.