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VFI - NEW Products Being Released at InfoComm 2011
Posted on Friday, May 20, 2011

VFI will display for the first time at Infocomm 2011, our new two in one video-conference table.  This is a very unique design that allows the same table to be set up in regular videoconference configuration or as a telepresence wing type table. 

It does not stop there the table comes with a bridge that crosses to our monitor stands and mounts, either the popular TP1000 stand or our new CR3000 credenza, and has a built in equipment rack to house additional electronics neatly hidden under the bridge section.
The table has been designed not to compete with the 10-20k custom head office systems, rather this is priced too be a alternative solution for remote sites where scale of economics are more likely a deciding factor.  This table allows you to migrating from standard single or dual monitor configurations to a triple screen telepresence solution down the road utilizing the same table.  If that wasn’t enough these units including the stands can be ordered in any of our executive finish color selections, do not be afraid to mix and match to achieve your desired effect.
Feel free to contact VFI for pricing and delivery information.
Model: CR3000EX
Model: EDU-LE