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Haivision Exhibits at I/ITSEC 2010
Posted on Monday, November 1, 2010
I/ITSEC 2010 Haivision Network Video Booth 636 Nov.29 - Dec.2 Haivision Network Video 4445 Garand Montréal, QC, Canada H4R 2H9 Toll-Free: +1 (877) 224-5445 Haivision Network Video Contact: Anna Kozel Marketing and Communications Manager Tel: +1 (514) 334-5445 E-mail: Website: Agency Contact: Netra Ghosh Wall Street Communications Tel: +1 (801) 266-0077 E-mail: Company Overview: Based in Montreal and Chicago, Haivision Network Video is a private company and a world leader in delivering the most advanced and intelligent IP video networking and digital signage technology. Haivision’s products are deployed worldwide within the foremost Fortune 100 companies; in the most rigorous military and defense applications; in state-of-the-art healthcare facilities for video collaboration and training; in highly renowned educational institutions for IPTV, teaching, and signage; in the most efficient interactive broadcast applications; and within the world’s leading TelePresence suites. Haivision distributes its products through value-added resellers, system integrators, distributors, and OEMs worldwide. Haivision Displays Super Low-Latency for Computer Graphics Over IP Haivision Products at I/ITSEC 2010 Makito™ HD H.264 Encoder With Component Analog and DVI Inputs Haivision will demonstrate the Makito™ HD H.264 video encoder, which supports both component analog and DVI inputs. The Makito represents the first and only full-featured high-performance compact encoder to combine the efficiencies of H.264 video compression and the image quality of full HD video within a very small form factor at a competitive price point. The unique encoding system delivers extremely low-latency under 70 milliseconds, full-frame-rate H.264 encoding of HD video, computer graphics resolutions up to 1920x1080 60Hz and 1280x1024 75Hz (SXGA) or 1080p60 video resolution. The Makito incorporates HiLo-Streaming™, the ability to encode once and emit both high- and low-bandwidth streams simultaneously, and Multi-Streaming™, the ability to send streams with different IP encapsulation to different destinations. When integrated with the Video Furnace IP video system, the Makito also distributes 100-percent secure and robust video. The Makito offers the most efficient and affordable distribution, capture, and rebroadcast of HD video. Photo Link: Image Caption: Haivision Makito™ Encoder Makito™ Decoder Another highlight from Haivision at I/ITSEC 2010 will be the latest addition to the company’s Makito™ family, an H.264 decoder that offers the most extreme low-latency decoding available with less than 70 milliseconds of latency at video resolutions of up to 1080p60. When paired with the popular Makito HD H.264 encoder, this system provides efficient delivery of HD video via HD-SDI or HDMI output. Sharing the space-saving, miniblade form factor and low power requirements of the Makito encoder, this new product is an optimal solution for military applications seeking a professional-grade, low-latency, high-performance video decoding solution. Photo Link: Image Caption: Haivision Makito™ Decoder Furnace™ 5.6 At I/ITSEC Haivision will highlight its Furnace™ 5.6, a complete solution for end-to-end HD H.264 video-over-IP distribution. The Furnace IP video system provides a complete infrastructure for delivering secure video to every desktop and display within an organization. With the Furnace users can record any source, apply metadata, and deliver live or recorded video, or video on demand. The Furnace allows administrators granular control over the media within a facility, and a harmonized experience for all users. The Furnace includes a unique patented player technology called InStream™. Thanks to the magic of the InStream player technology, which works across all platforms and requires no installation or client system upgrades, the Furnace requires minimal IT support. Combined with Haivision encoders, like the Makito™, the Furnace provides encrypted video from the source to every player and display. Furnace is a powerful integrated solution that continues to support the compact Makito HD H.264 encoder to manage and distribute live video to computers and set-top boxes, to create scheduled playback channels for enterprise TV and signage, and to record content and deliver VoD in a secure, easy-to-use system. The Furnace Portal Server controls the direct and secure distribution of SD and HD H.264 video to both the “zero-footprint” InStream player and the Stingray™ set-top box. The Furnace Playback Manager supports scheduled channels for IP video broadcast and signage, and the Furnace Media Server leverages the efficiencies of H.264 to enable HD VoD. Photo Link: Image Caption: Haivision Furnace™ 5.6 NEW: CoolSign Digital Signage Solution Haivision’s CoolSign digital signage solution boasts all the features and functions for any signage need — from small deployments to sophisticated multiscreen landmark displays to large-scale global networks. Launched in 1998, CoolSign has a long legacy of innovation, pioneering many aspects of digital signage technology including n-tier architecture, native multicasting support, real-time connectivity, full edge device monitoring and control, flexible media scheduling, closed data architecture, bandwidth usage controls, and many others. Additionally, CoolSign’s management UI is frequently cited as being one of the best in the industry — providing rich functionality in a simple, elegant, easy-to-use manner. Secure, scalable, reliable, and efficient — CoolSign serves the demands of myriad retail, government, financial services, corporate, and pure-play out-of-home advertising (DOOH) networks around the globe.