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Kramer Introduces HDMI Solutions For The Professional Audio/Video Market
Posted on Wednesday, September 3, 2008
Kramer Introduces HDMI Solutions For The Professional Audio/Video Market
Repeater, Flat Cable and Wall Plates Enhance Benefits of HDMI Installations

Jerusalem, Israel – August 20, 2008 – Kramer Electronics, a worldwide supplier of innovative and reliable signal management products, announced several new solutions for the growing HDMI marketplace both in homes and in professional audio/video installations. The solutions include an HDMI repeater, HDMI flat cables, and HDMI wall plates.

“As the HDMI marketplace grows, it makes sense to provide cabling and accessory solutions that will make it easier for professional A/V installers to take advantage of all of the available HDMI products,” said Chris Kopin, vice president of product development for Kramer Electronics. “These newest Kramer accessories demonstrate our commitment to that marketplace and further extend the high performance and versatility of the HDMI technology. Our customers will appreciate the convenience and practicality of these new products.”

PT-101HDMI Repeater
The new PT-101HDMI repeater supports HDMI version 1.3a video signals, and it extends the HDMI transmission range to 50 feet for 1080p signals. By rebuilding the audio/video signal as it travels over long distances, the PT-101HDMI repeater maintains the signal integrity and avoids the “cliff effect” (signal degradation over long distances) inherent with HDMI signals. The repeater supports a maximum data rate of 2.25 Gbps. Several repeaters can be used in a single installation to increase the signal distance incrementally by 50 feet. The PT-101HDMI comes with an external power supply which is recommended to achieve best results, but it can also receive power via the HDMI signal from the HDMI source product.

Kramer’s new flat HDMI cable is designed for flexible, long-distance installations. It can be run under the carpet, through the wall and around corners, while remaining inconspicuous. The flat cable construction allows less crosstalk and interference than with traditional round HDMI cables. It offers gold-plated multi-pin connectors designed to resist corrosion, reduce impedance and provide the best possible connectivity. The flat HDMI cable can carry signals up to 1080p over long distances without signal degradation. Cables are available in seven different lengths: 6-, 10-, 15-, 25-, 35-, 50- and 75-foot lengths.

WP-HDMI1M and WP-HDMI2M Wall Plates
Two new HDMI pass-through wall plates have been added to the Kramer accessory line-up. The WP-HDMI1M is a one-gang metal wall plate insert with one pass-through female connector for HDMI at the front and a short cable with another female connector on the rear. The WP-HDMI2M adds a second pass-through female connector for HDMI and has two short cables with two female connectors at the rear. The wall plates are designed to make wall connections easy, attractive and unobtrusive.

The new Kramer HDMI accessories are currently available through the Kramer worldwide reseller network. Kramer is an HDMI Adopter and an HDCP Licensee. Complete product information can be found at