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L-com Green Initiative is win-win for both company and environment
Posted on Wednesday, April 30, 2008
L-com Green Initiative is win-win for both company and environment

Company leads connectivity industry in environmental efforts that save both resources and money

North Andover, MA -- April 30th 2008 -- L-com Connectivity Products announced today that its green initiative program has reached the two-year milestone. The green initiative was spearheaded by L-com’s top management to use resources more efficiently, create a safer work environment and reduce the amount of materials added to the waste stream.

What began in 2006 in response to the European Union's RoHS initiative that banned certain types of hazardous chemicals from electronics, such as L-com's connectivity products, has grown into a company-wide effort to work greener and smarter.

“What we found was that doing the right thing is not only good for the environment, but good for business”, says L-com CEO Ed Caselden. “We have not only substantially increased efficiency and created a better working environment, we’ve also reduced our use of both raw materials and energy, and that money goes right to the bottom line.”

Ed points out that while some of the company’s green-related changes have required large initial investments, they have invariably paid for themselves. One example was changing the Massachusetts facility’s server room cooling system from a traditional energy intensive HVAC system to a custom designed system that utilizes New England’s cool outside air for most of the year. “Between building the new cooling system and switching to energy efficient lighting fixtures, we’re now saving 18% on our lighting and cooling expenses, Ed says.

The company’s green initiatives are also changing the way the company does its day-to-day business. With manufacturing facilities in Massachusetts and China, and a wholly owned wireless technology company in Florida, L-com’s need for cross-office efficiency has never been greater. And while many wonder if the “paperless office” will ever come to fruition, L-com is already 95% there. “Virtually every document in the company is handled electronically now”, says Ed. “We’ve almost eliminated photocopies. Now employees can access work critical documents from any of our three facilities. That keeps us working smarter and more efficiently around the clock.”

L-com is also committed to creating a safe work environment. As part of the green initiative, the company moved aggressively to remove hazardous substances from the manufacturing process to help ensure the safety of workers and consumers alike. Notable examples are removing lead solder from the production floors and investing in a state of the art X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) Spectrometry analyzer to test both raw materials and finished products for RoHS elements. The company strongly believes that meeting RoHS standards is their corporate responsibility and will continue to make investments in technology to ensure these standards are met or exceeded.

The green initiative has become an important part of the L-com corporate culture. As the initiative moves forward, Ed is challenging employees to find additional ways to use resources more wisely so that the company continues to lead the industry in ways to work green and save green as well.

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