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Dockside Electronics - Kramer Electronics Case Study

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Dockside Electronics - Kramer Electronics Case Study
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Dockside Electronics - Kramer Electronics Case Study
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About Dockside Electronics 

Dockside Electronics, one of Connecticut’s most experienced marine electronics providers, was the preferred service provider for a boat owner in Mystic, Connecticut. In business for 40 years, the company offers installation, training, sales, and service for the latest electronics technology in marine navigation. Dockside Electronics represents the top names in marine electronics and is GMDSS certified (Global Maritime Distress and Safety System). Dockside Electronics technicians take pride in installing systems that work reliably and accurately.


The boat owner wanted to be able to see TV images of the ocean floor which he captured from his flybridge navigation equipment and fish finder on his 45-foot sportfish boat. The installation would require watertight wiring using a 25-meter HDMI cable run through the boat’s ceiling to connect the chart plotter and the display. The initial solution required that the cable be cut and re-spliced at the TV, due to a very crowded conduit. This would be costly and work intensive.

The system integrator decided to use a Kramer transmitter/receiver pair to convert the signal and transmit it to the display, where it would be converted back to HDMI. After the installation began, the technicians realized that the combined weight of the KW-11 transmitter and the DVI-I adaptor hanging on the chart plotter by just a plug would be a problem in rough seas. The vibration of the engine was also a factor in holding the transmitter steady. The problem was solved by using a cable adaptor to convert the DVI-I output to a female HDMI plug end. The transmitter was plugged into a cable which was then cable tied to the existing power and network cables. Power for the transmitter was supplied by the 12v power used for the navigation equipment. 


Dockside Electronics decided that the Kramer KW-11T and KW-11R, a high definition wireless transmitter/receiver pair, would be the best, most cost-effective solution. And it offered an HDMI solution for use over short distances. The system integrator convinced the boat owner that the cost would be less than the original HDMI wiring requirements.


Dockside Electronics completed the job in only about two hours, instead of the 10 hours they estimated would be required with a wireless system. The transmitter is held steady even in rough seas, and the images are crystal clear on the TV display. The boat owner is extremely pleased with the system and is now able to view clear, high definition images from the ocean floor through his flybridge navigation equipment