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Corning is a Fortune 500® company and one of the world's leading innovators in materials science. With a 168-year track record, Corning has combined unparalleled expertise in glass science, ceramics science, and optical physics with deep manufacturing and engineering capabilities to develop life-changing innovations. As Corning’s business continues to grow, Optical Communications has become the company’s largest division, providing a broad range of end-to-end fiber and wireless solutions for communications networks.


Corning recently relocated their Optical Communications division to their headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina. Inside the brand-new, 180,000-square-foot facility, Corning was looking to standardize on a wireless-first approach with 1,100 above the ceiling network drops to create a clean design throughout the building. Additionally, they wanted to design an AV infrastructure that would not only enhance the employee’s overall work experience, but also complement the modern architecture of the building.


Deploy a robust AV platform built on Crestron technology that would handle all content distribution and video conferencing needs at the Corning Optical Communications Headquarters.


DM NVX® AV-over-IP technology was the perfect solution with its ability to be fiber-fed in a fiber-deep architecture and drop directly into the Corning network. More than 170 DM NVX units throughout the Corning office drive content distribution to digital signage, conference room displays, and a video matrix. With DM NVX, executives at Corning can walk into any room and use the video matrix to broadcast content to the rest of the building. “In fact, DM NVX has provided us a solution that works for this generation and future generations, without ever having to put another cable in the building again,” says Robert Basile, Sr. Solution Architect at Corning Optical Communications. To create a highly collaborative workplace environment, Corning deployed Crestron Flex UC solutions and AirMedia® 2.0 wireless presentation technology to help facilitate a seamless meeting experience. With 100 AirMedia locations, employees can connect and wirelessly present with ease. “Crestron AirMedia has transformed the way our employees interact with technology during meetings,” says Basile. “I have not seen an employee physically plug into a system yet. Everyone has been logging into the IPs and it has been flawless.”

Meetings between different Corning teams may occur within the same building, but in two separate rooms. It was important to have a reliable system that could bring it all together, for both internal and external video conferences. The unique shape of the Crestron Mercury® tabletop conferencing device is both attractive and unobtrusive, which made it perfect to sit on the conference room tables. There are more than 60 Crestron TSW touch screens located inside meeting rooms across the building. A consistent, intuitive user interface makes controlling AV and scheduling meetings a breeze. All touch screens are wall-mounted, creating a very clean infrastructure that matches the design of the office. The Crestron room scheduling deployment includes 70 scheduling touch screens that allow employees to easily locate available meeting rooms and book them directly on the spot.


Crestron solutions have helped Corning Optical Communications drive a more connected workplace that will be able to grow along with the division’s changing needs for years to come. With a future-ready network and technology solutions that facilitate efficient meetings, Corning has designed an office space that accommodates the way employees work.