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DVIGear Introduces DisplayNet DN-300 at InfoComm 2022
Posted on Wednesday, June 8, 2022
DVIGear Introduces DisplayNet DN-300 at InfoComm 2022

Delivers breakthrough in performance, versatility, and value for AVoIP applications

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA – June 8, 2022 – DVIGear, a leading manufacturer of digital connectivity products, has set new  benchmarks for AVoIP performance, versatility and value with the introduction of its latest DisplayNet® product, the DN-300.  Based on the latest SDVoE standard, this breakthrough product will be on display at InfoComm 2022 in Las Vegas, NV on June 8-10 in Booth W658. 

Unmatched Performance and Value

The DN-300 represents a significant breakthrough in performance and value for IP-based AV signal distribution applications. The DisplayNet® DN-300 represents a major breakthrough in performance, versatility, and value for AVoIP applications. Based  on the latest SDVoE technology, the DN-300 delivers flawless HDMI video distribution with limitless scalability, zero-frame  latency and zero image artifacts. These units support near-seamless switching and distribution of HDMI signals with  resolutions of up to 4K/60p (4:4:4) with 8-bit color, or 4K/60p (4:2:2) with 10-bit or 12-bit color. Like other DisplayNet products,  the DN-300 provides independent multi-layer routing of HDMI audio and video signals, as well as bidirectional Analog Audio, USB 2.0, IR, RS-232, and 1GbE Ethernet.

Feature Rich / Exceptional Versatility

The DN-300 is a single unit that provides a host of unique features, such as switchable Transmitter / Receiver operation, PoE+  support, and dual (copper / fiber) network interfaces that enable signal extension distances of up to 100 meters (328 ft.) with  CAT-6A twisted pair and up to 30 KM (18.6 miles) with single-mode fiber. The DN-300 includes auxiliary H.264/5 video output  streams that provide support for viewing source thumbnails and for remote viewing / recording with resolutions of up to 1080 /30p. Furthermore, the unit provides silent, fanless operation, powerful network security features, and versatile KVM Routing  with full-bandwidth USB 2.0. The DN-300 is housed in an ultra-compact, low-profile case that allows up to 4x units to occupy a single 1U of rack space. This makes the unit ideal for high density applications where rack space can be limited. DisplayNet  also includes software-defined MultiViewer and advanced Video Wall engines that power a wide range of applications without  the expense and complexity of ancillary products. 

Exceptional Versatility

The DN-300 utilizes a highly intuitive web-based UI and a powerful API that makes setup and maintenance of these units  incredibly fast and easy. Highly advanced features enable effortless integration with third-party controllers as well as full  interoperability with other SDVoE products. 

Limitless Expandability

Unlike traditional matrix switchers, DisplayNet systems have no limits or restrictions on the size or design of an AV distribution system; the matrix array can be as large as the number of non-blocking ports on the network. Stacked switches enable very large systems with several hundreds of ports, at a low marginal cost.

Thanks to its ultra-compact, low-profile design, exceptional capabilities and outstanding array of features, the DN-300 enables system designers to develop and implement highly versatile AV signal distribution systems with robust performance and scalability at a very competitive price. The DN-300 is available now for immediate delivery at a very attractive price point.