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PANA Display Series
Posted on Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Jan. 6, 2021 - For the last (4) decades, Jupiter Systems has been a leader in providing mission critical data visualization systems. We have built a reputation of best-in-class engineering, extreme reliability, and exceptional customer support and now we are proud to introduce a market first, with our new PANA LCD Display Series. 

PANA brings a pioneering change to the conventional display market, the PANA Series will have a 21:9 ultra-wide aspect ratio, 5K native resolution, and interactive touch. Specifically, the PANA105 will be the largest 21:9 ultra-wide LCD display available in the market. 

As content creation and development evolves it is driving future innovation as well as demand for these new configurations. Initiated from this business case Jupiter has taken a market leadership role in the development and launch of the largest 21:9, 5K format LCD available in the display industry. 

So, what are some of the key business drivers and what is the inherent solution value? 

The ultra-wide display and widescreen viewing undoubtedly offers an exceptional and improved experience across many enterprise workflows, including team collaboration, content viewing/sharing, joint and individual project productivity, improved ergonomics, a better use of meeting rooms, collaboration spaces, as well as work from home and corporate real estate ecosystems. 

We think of the 21:9 ultra-wide format as an innovative reconfiguration of the display canvas, the widescreen offers intrinsic comfort and improved efficiency for today’s common collaboration and productivity layouts, this allows content and open applications to coexist more effectively offering the best possible work environments for the enterprise end user. The PANA Displays include an intuitive User Interface offering pre-defined and customizable templates to view and organize video collaboration applications, whiteboarding, and bi-directional content sharing across a more economical canvas layout which in our view is a game changer. 

We also believe additional business value and impact will be captured in the future designs of customer experience and technology centers. Ultra-wide displays offer tangible impact as it relates to brand expression, innovative aesthetics, wow factor, and customer engagement. From a practical perspective the PANA Display offers many application fits and use cases within these key strategic enterprise locations that have been difficult to achieve with conventional display formats. By incorporating the PANA Displays owners, designers, and end users will enhance their client’s user experiences and, in some cases, lower initial capital expenditures as well as cost of ownership. 

As we’ve seen so many times in technology one or multiple changes in one element drives the innovation and chain reaction in other related elements, that’s our belief and vision here, we see emerging volume in content creation in gaming, cinema, broadcast and film produced in 21:9, 5K format, we see volume increases in high end graphics cards and hardware outputting in 21:9, 5K format, and now Jupiter is here to launch the best and only display products over 40” into the 21:9, 5K display market, ready to meet the developing demand as well deliver improved business outcomes.

by Mike Dunn