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Lutron Quantum® Select Light Management Packages Enable Select Quantum Functionality for Smaller, More Specialized Applications
Posted on Friday, October 14, 2011

Coopersburg, PA –– Energy-saving lighting control manufacturer, Lutron Electronics, is pleased to announce Quantum Select packages that provide simple, cost-effective, scalable options for adding select capabilities typically found in larger centralized lighting and energy management systems to smaller, more specialized applications.

Lutron Quantum Total Light Management system maximizes the efficient use of light to improve comfort and productivity, simplify operations and save energy. This powerful and efficient system dims or switches all electric lighting and simultaneously controls daylight using automated shades. Quantum easily integrates with building management systems and is ideal for office buildings, hospitals, universities, and more.

Quantum Select packages are pre-packaged solutions for standalone or panel-based projects that require only select Quantum functionality.

Benefits of Quantum Select packages:

  • select only the Quantum capabilities required for your project
  • complete solutions start at less than $0.25 per square foot
  • easily add functionality and expand the system to control larger areas at any time

Four distinct light management packages are available:

  • Central Control Package – A simple, cost-effective and scalable solution that provides the ability to control and monitor your lighting system easily from a computer.
  • Building Systems Integration Package – Ideal for integrating your Lutron light control system with a third-party building management system, this package provides the necessary software licenses to manage your building from a single point of control.
  • Hyperion™ Package – Designed for use in spaces that have direct exposure to daylight, this package utilizes Lutron Hyperion automatic shading software to control the amount of daylight entering a space, based on the position of the sun.
  • Green Glance® Package – Designed to facilitate effective energy management by enabling a building to evaluate and monitor energy use, the GreenGlance package features display software that provides real-time and historical data on lighting energy savings.

Each Quantum Select package features the QP3 Light Management Hub to control, manage, and monitor light and energy use, while offering specific Quantum capabilities and associated software licenses based on project needs. The new QP3 hub:

  • easily integrates with third-party building management systems
  • offers the most cost-effective light management hub of its kind
  • features a small form factor that fits easily into any location
  • has two configurable links that provide the ability to control a small area up to an entire building (limit 512 controllable outputs per link)