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Lutron Introduces the Radio Shadow Sensor to Enhance Performance of its Hyperion Solar-Adaptive Shading System
Posted on Friday, May 11, 2012

Sensor monitors exterior light levels and communicates with the shading system to save energy and maximize exterior views

Coopersburg, PA (May, 2012) – Light control manufacturer Lutron Electronics today announced the launch of Radio Shadow™ sensor. The new wireless sensor communicates outdoor light levels to a Lutron Quantum® Total Light Management System™. During low-light conditions, the sensor overrides pre-programmed shade levels to raise shades and maximize exterior views. A Lutron Quantum system automatically and unobtrusively controls electric light and daylight using daylight sensors, occupancy/vacancy sensors, and automated Sivoia® QS roller shades. Within Quantum, the Lutron Hyperion™ solar-adaptive shading system anticipates the position of the sun and automatically knows when to adjust the shades to avoid glare and minimize heat gain, while the new Radio Shadow sensor ensures that the shades respond appropriately to local conditions. The low-cost Radio Shadow sensor is used in conjunction with Hyperion to maximize available views and daylight when shadows are cast on buildings, or cloudy conditions prevail. It communicates wirelessly via reliable Lutron Clear Connect™ radio frequency technology, making it easy to install and commission, and has low maintenance costs.

The sensor provides granular control in response to shadows and cloud cover to effectively save energy while maximizing views and occupant comfort. It detects low exterior light levels then raises shades to maximize daylight in the space. The device’s small size ensures that it is inconspicuous, and does not detract from building design.

The net impact is a space that saves energy while continuing to ensure occupant comfort and productivity. Radio Shadow sensors are fully integrated into the Quantum system, making it easy for facility managers to implement building-wide changes from the system's centralized Quantum Q-Admin software. Occupants of the space can also adjust shades from their workstations with a Pico® wireless control, adding the element of personal control to solar-adaptive technology, regardless of system settings.

The Radio Shadow Sensor is debuting at Lightfair International and is on display at the tradeshow May 9 – 11 in Las Vegas, Nev. It will begin shipping by the end of 2012.