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Lutron Adds New Dual Voltage Sensor to its Affordable Maestro Occupancy/Vacancy Sensing Switch Family
Posted on Wednesday, May 9, 2012

New dual voltage sensing switch offers quick, easy installation ideal for commercial retrofits and new construction

Coopersburg, PA (MAY 9, 2012) –Light control manufacturer Lutron Electronics is pleased to announce the new Maestro® Dual Voltage Occupancy/Vacancy Sensing Switch. The dual voltage sensor features advanced sensing technology and added functionality, making it easier than ever to incorporate occupancy/vacancy sensors into any building’s energy-savings strategy.

Priced at $49 (suggested list), the new, no neutral-required dual voltage sensing switch works with all bulb types, providing an ideal, affordable solution for commercial spaces. It works with either 120V or 277V applications and can be quickly and easily installed without the need for sophisticated programming or additional wiring.

Targeted to the commercial retrofit market, the new dual voltage sensing switch features innovative, proprietary sensing technology to ensure lights stay on when the room is occupied. The switch also incorporates ambient light detection, which senses light in the room and only turns lights on when needed.

The Maestro Dual Voltage Occupancy/Vacancy Sensing Switch offers numerous breakthroughs in this market, including:

Use with all bulb types, all load types and fans

  • Works with incandescent, halogen, CFL, LED, magnetic low-voltage, electronic low-voltage, and linear fluorescent lamps, as well as fans
  • Working with all these bulb types simplifies the selection and installation processes, as they are installed the same way as a light switch or dimmer – no additional wiring required
  • No minimum load required for controlling small loads such as LEDs

Advanced XCT™ Sensing Technology

  • Lutron’s proprietary sensing technology takes measurements in a totally new way, dramatically improving on/off performance up to 30 feet from the sensor
  • Eliminates background interference that could trigger the sensor to turn on when not needed
  • Detects fine motion to avoid the lights inadvertently turning off

Ambient light detection

  • Detects natural light, so lights turn on only when needed, saving energy
  • Learns a user’s preferred light level for a specific room and turns on only if needed to get to this preferred level

The Maestro Dual Voltage Occupancy/Vacancy Sensing Switch can also function in two modes:

Occupancy mode

  • Sensor automatically turns lights on when entering a room
  • Sensor automatically turns lights off when room is vacant
  • Great for bathrooms, storage areas and utility rooms

Vacancy mode

  • Manually turn lights on when entering a room and sensor automatically turns lights off when room is vacant
  • Great for classrooms, private offices and conference rooms

A neutral-wire version of the sensor is available for applications that require this feature, such as new construction. A vacancy-only version is also available to meet California Title 24 requirements and New York City Local Law 48.

The Maestro Dual Voltage Occupancy/Vacancy Sensing Switch will be featured at Lightfair International and is on display at the tradeshow May 9 – 11 in Las Vegas, Nev. It will be available in June of 2012.