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Telemetrics Inc.

Telemetrics Inc. leads the industry in the development of innovative camera control systems used worldwide in broadcast, educational, medical & government applications. Our very specialized line includes: camera remote control systems and robotics, computer controlled pan/tilt heads, robotic weatherproof housings, motorized trolley systems, advanced control software, and programmable controllers.

Model: EP8

The new Televator® (EP8) series of Elevating Pedestals improves upon the previous generations by offering faster robotic elevation and more stable performance for on-air use.
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Telemetrics Displays Innovative Camera Control Solutions Systems
Posted on Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Introductions include:
• Televator Elevating Pedestal with Extended Range and Increased Speed
• Coax Link System with Opticon Cable Connection for HD/SDI cameras
• PT-RM-1 Pan/Tilt Head with Integrated Fiber Transmission Module and one cable connectivity
                                          PT-RM-1           Coax Link System               Televator EP5
Amsterdam, Netherlands  – Telemetrics is showcasing its latest innovations in camera control systems here at IBC 2011. Included in Telemetrics’ exhibit is the new Televator® Elevating Pedestal 5 (EP5), Coax/Fiber Link System and TG3 TeleGlide Track and PT-RM-1 Pan/Tilt Head. All of the new camera control products employ the latest advancements in transmission technology to deliver the highest levels of performance and cost-efficiency.
“From a management and an operational perspective, broadcast organizations have realized the value of camera robotics and control systems to help make their productions more efficient,” said Anthony Cuomo, Vice President and General Manager, Telemetrics, Inc. “Our new product introductions being demonstrated here at IBC set new benchmarks in overall performance, cost-efficiency and versatility by integrating the latest advancements in transmission technology.” 
New camera control solutions on display include:
The Televator Elevating Pedestal 5 (EP5) delivers elevation speeds ranging from 0.2 to 5-inches/second with a maximum elevation extended height of 68-inches. Additionally, the unit can be mounted on the floor, wall or inverted on the ceiling, and is seamlessly compatible with Telemetrics’ comprehensive line of camera robotics floor and ceiling track systems.
The Coax/Fiber Link Camera Control System is a cost-efficient, high performance camera control solution for transmitting HD/SDI video over inexpensive cabling. Ideal for both permanently installed and mobile applications, Telemetrics’ Coax/Fiber Link System employs frequency division multiplexing to transmit multiple signals between the camera and base station for distances up to 3,000 feet and eliminates the need for video equalizers, frame synchronizers, intercom adapters, microphone phantom power and remote power supplies. HD/SDI video can be transmitted on standard coax, ST Fiber, Tactical Fiber or Hybrid Cables.
The PT-RM-1 Pan/Tilt Head features an internal fiber transmission module and single hybrid connecting cable to handle all the units pan/tilt and camera control signals, power and camera video. This eliminates the need for a separate fiber system greatly reducing overall costs. Additionally, the new PT-RM-1 is available with a 360 degree slip ring for continuous rotation capability.